Episode 06

Pascale Boucicaut and Adachi Pimentel

In this episode, I interviewed Pascale Boucicaut, a culinary artist, and Adachi Pimentel a photographer, who together form the artistic team behind Dishes of the Diaspora.  Dishes of the Diaspora, a project that was funded by the  Leeway Foundation, documents ten cooks in of African descent in Philadelphia. For this project, Pascale and Adachi join the cooks in their home kitchens, witness the dishes being made, and have wide-ranging conversations with their hosts about the significance and meaning behind diasporic dishes. These cooking sessions are documented by Pascale and Adachi both through photos and through the stories the cooks tell. This project explores and illuminates the narrative behind key staples in African Diasporic cooking such as coconut milk, rice, and bananas. Through a look at cooking practices, ingredients, and tools utilized in each dish, Pascale and Adachi explore how food history is central to appreciating and understanding African diasporic identity and ancestry. Tune into this week’s episode to hear about Pascale’s beginnings in the kitchen with her father, Adachi’s passion for documentary photography, the importance of African connectivity, and how they decided to embark on this ancestral journey together. To see their work on display now through April 2017, visit their exhibition at the Philadelphia Folklore Project. To view select photos of their exhibition or to follow their upcoming exhibition schedule, please visit their website at http://www.dishesofthediaspora.com. To contact them, please send an email to diasporadishes@gmail.com

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