Episode 22

Khalilah Brann

Welcome to Contemporary Black Canvas, where we celebrate the depth and breadth of the Black artistic and intellectual traditions. I am your host, Dr. Pia Deas. Before we begin, I want to encourage all of our listeners to check out our new and beautifully re-designed website. Our website now gives a much better a more comprehensive understanding of all of Contemporary Black Canvas’ projects. Be sure to check us out!  Let us know you’re listening! Underneath our “About” tab, click on “Contact Us” to sign up for our newsletter, send us feedback, or recommend an artist.  You can find us at www.contemporaryblackcanvas.com In this episode, I interviewed Khalilah Brann, an educator, and education activist, writer, institution builder, and publisher. Her career as an educator has fueled her passions for teaching and decolonizing the minds of underrepresented and misrepresented communities across the country. She is the founder of CREAD, Culturally Responsive Educators of the African Diaspora, whose mission is to “ to support teachers, educators and community members in ensuring the positive racial identity development through education of young people of the African Diaspora.” Most recently, she has also co-founded and launched her publishing company, DeColonizing Education. Their first book, co-written by Khalilah Brann and Chemay Morales-James, the ABC’s of the Black Panther Party, was published in December 2017 and is now available. Their book includes extension activities and learning guides for educators and parents. The book is skillfully designed to appeal to ages 7-12. Tune into this week’s episode to hear more about her transformative junior year of highschool, her successful and humbling moments in the classroom, and the individuals who shaped and nurtured her teaching passions. You can find Khalilah Brann’s work at her CREAD website at creadnyc.com and you can purchase a copy of the ABC’s of the Black Panther Party at decolonizinged.com.


For Colored Girls

Autobiography of Malcolm X


Tira Randall


ABCs of the Black Panther Party

Decolonizing Education Publishing Company

Paulo Freire

Michelle Alexander Interviews Angela Davis  

Assata: An Autobiography


Thinker, Educators, Liberators  You Recommend:

Teach Freedom by Charles M. Payne and Carol Sills Strickland

Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy Degruy

Dr. Geneva Gay

Pedro Noguera

Gloria Ladson- Billings


Resources You Rely On:


Youtube and Google


Words You Live By:

Assatta Shakur’s Chant:

“It is our duty to fight for our freedom.

It is our duty to win.

We must love each other and support each other.

We have nothing to lose but our chains.” [therefore I must execute and revise]

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