Episode 21

Tommy Joshua

In this episode we had the pleasure of speaking with Tommy “Junebug” Joshua, the founder & visionary behind the North Philadelphia Peace Project. Joshua is a Philadelphia native with deep roots in the rural Greensboro, NC. Strong family ties led to deeply vested communal bonds during his adolescence & well into adulthood that heavily influenced the mission of his work. Explore the history of his family, the Doggetts, the impact of industrialism on Philadelphia, & learn how both his city experience and his country roots translated into his early activism. Joshua’s recognition of the necessity of having a safe space, his fervent desire to address the socio-economic issues that plague many Black communities, and his realization that a vegetable garden and school would provide an essential nourishing space in his home community, inspired him to create the North Philadelphia Peace Park. The North Philadelphia Peace Park is a community garden with plans for a school. The North Philadelphia Peace Park generates individual and communal agency by promoting the value in returning to our roots,  living off the land, and providing food in a food apartheid system. The North Philadelphia Peace Parks seeks to stress community by utilizing the motto: “what you can contribute please do; what you need please take.” For more information about the North Philadelphia Peace Park, please check out their Facebook page.  Join us & tune in.

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Work Party every Sunday at 2216 W. Jefferson in North Philadelphia

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North Philadelphia Peace Park of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia

1315 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107