Ep 13 Soul Fire Farm with Leah Penniman

This week at Contemporary Black Canvas, we are excited to introduce you to Leah Penniman, co-founder with her husband Jonah Penniman, of Soul Fire Farms, their revolutionary, family-owned farm located in upstate New York. Soul Fire Farms is committed to ending racism and injustice in the food system. They actively fights institutional racism and food apartheid within communities by giving easy access to healthy food and offering hands-on learning opportunities throughout the year. Their programs include the Food Sovereignty Program, the Black and Latinx Farm Immersion Program, the Uprooting Racism Immersion, youth programs, and activists retreats. Join us on this episode as Leah talks about her early connection to the forest and how at age sixteen, she began working with The Food Project in Boston. Leah shares how in 2006 she and her husband purchased land in Petersburg, New York. Over a number years, they built Soul Fire into a full farm operation which officially opened in 2011. Soul Fire Farms is definitely a pioneer and we are excited to hear about the life and work of the farm. You can find their program applications on their website at www.soulfirefarm.org. To learn more  about how to financially support their work through in-kind donations or financial contributions, please go to: http://www.soulfirefarm.org/support/


Naima Penniman and Alixa Garcia, co-creators of Climbing Poetree in their upcoming album “Intrinsic”. Check out Intrinsic and all of their projects here.


My farming mentors at Many Hands Organic Farm


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