Episode 10

M. Asli Dukan

On this episode of Contemporary Black Canvas, we had the pleasure of  interviewing filmmaker and founder of Mizan Media Productions, M. Asli Dukan. Asli’s interest in film and speculative fiction began in childhood and has flourished into a vibrant career where she uses film to explore the possibilities of societal transformation. She has written, produced and directed several short speculative fiction films that have screened at festivals across the country including the ImageNation Film and Music Festival in New York City and the Langston Hughes African American Film Festival in Seattle. Her feature length documentary film projects include Invisible Universe, a documentary about the historical representations and participation of Black people in  the genres of speculative fiction and  Songs for Nina, a music and travel documentary following the “Daughters of Nina” orchestra on their French tour as they pay homage to the late singer/pianist, Nina Simone. Her next projects are the speculative fiction web series, Resistance, and the anthology horror film, Skin Folk, based on the book by the award winning speculative fiction writer, Nalo Hopkinson. As one of the leading voices of Black speculative fiction, Dukan tours the country  lecturing about Black Speculative Fiction history. Join us as she talks about the first speculative fiction story she wrote as a child about a fictional universe and what compelled her to start her documentary “Invisible Universe”.  To check out the trailer for her forthcoming film “Invisible Universe” visit http://invisibleuniversedoc.com and “Songs for Nina” http://songsfornina.com. To check out her other work, upcoming projects and initiatives visit maslidukan.com. If you are interested in supporting these two films in post-production, please consider donating to support the film financially by making a contribution to her through her fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas:


Invisible Universe

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Octavia Butler

Dawn (Xenogenesis Bk.1)

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Nalo Hopkinson

Samuel R. Delany

The Jewels of Aptor

Conference at Howard University

Tananarive Due

Steven Barnes

East Coast Black Age of Comics

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The Comet by Du Bois

White Fantastic Imagination

The Octavia E. Butler Collection at The Huntington

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Conversations with Octavia Butler

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