As a home for Black expression and Black thought, our mission is to celebrate the depth and breadth of the Black artistic and intellectual traditions from the African Diaspora and Africa. The Contemporary Black Canvas podcast main series highlights the most engaging and dynamic Black artists from across the globe through in-depth interviews. The Black Arts Movement Audio Archive preserves the stories of artists significant to the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Our Power to the People podcast training intensives teach Black artists and activists how to podcast. We also host artists’ roundtables, readings, and other events. Our book, Power to the People: The Black Artists’ and Activist’s Guide to Podcasting, is forthcoming in 2018.


To highlight how Black artists and activists use imagination, creativity, and cultural production as vital and dynamic forces for change, to model self-determination by producing our own media and to empower others to do so, too, in order to foster vibrant cultural communities.


  • To record well researched, well-crafted, hour-long artists’ interviews to showcase the depth and breadth of the Black artistic and intellectual tradition.
  • To preserve our history through the stories of Black artists significant to the Black Arts Movement.
  • To amplify the concerns facing Black communities across the globe and the voices of those leading artistic, cultural, and social change-makers.
  • To foster artistic and cultural exchanges, especially within and across artistic disciplines, and to generate and inspire new ideas.
  • To practice self-determination by editing and producing our own podcasts.
  • To train a new generation of young professionals and provide them with valuable academic, professional, and technological skills and work experience.
  • To educate a new generation of Black podcasters on how podcasts are rooted within the Black radical publication tradition and to train them on how to conceptualize, design, and produce their own podcasts.
  • To bring artists and activists together through live events in the Philadelphia area.
  • To document our theory and and practice through academic articles and our book, The Black Artists’ and Activists’Guide to Podcasting.
  • To create a vibrant, global network of Black artists and to serve as a model for Black empowerment and self-determination.