About Us

Pia Deas, Ph.D., Founder and Host

An Assistant Professor of English at Lincoln University, Pia Deas believes in the necessity of building accessible platforms by Black people and for Black people to showcase the beauty, depth, and complexity of the Black intellectual and artistic traditions.

Jasmine Newton, Research Assistant

A native of Brooklyn New York and a Pan Africana Studies major, she enjoys learning everything about Africans before, during, and beyond the middle passage. She strongly believes that African American history does not begin with slavery. She believes CBC will serve as a staple for Black intellectual thought.

Madison Washington, Research Assistant

Madison Washington, a native of Vallejo, CA, is a junior at The Lincoln University. She is a Pan Africana Studies major with a minor in International Relations. She believes that the African diaspora is vast and unique, and that this project will illuminate the great facets of all African artistic ingenuity.